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Our Sleeves Have Been Extending Utility Pole And Fence Post Life Since 1994

Proven facts

The Postsaver fence post sleeve fitted to fence and gate posts and Polesaver pole sleeves fitted to treated utility poles provide the ultimate in fence post protection and utility pole protection. They have been in use (in high volumes) for 24 years all over the world. They are low in cost, independently tested and proven our barrier sleeves prevent both ground rot and inhibit termite attack. The bottom line is that these products will save you money, time and material failures in the future. This is a demonstrable fact.

Rotten deal

Wood has for centuries been the material of choice for fence posts and power and telecoms poles, however the achilles heel of this application is the rot which attacks the ground line section, If your treated fence posts or treated utility poles rot through and break off at ground level after only a few years you are faced with many problems. These include high replacement costs, inconvenience and potential  danger caused by utility poles falling over or livestock escaping. This is especially annoying when the rest of the post or pole is in good condition.

Patented technology

Over time many fence post rot prevention and wood pole treatment preservatives have been used to delay the onset of ground rot. With growing environmental concerns many of these effective but toxic wood preservatives have been restricted or banned, with major restrictions occurring across Europe and other parts of the world in 2005. This has led to the increasing use of Postsaver fence post sleeves on treated fence posts and Polesaver utility pole sleeves on preservative treated wooden poles and treated timber poles.

The patented Polesaver pole sleeve and Postsaver bitumen post sleeves  are a dual layer composite heat applied post sleeve. Polesaver barrier sleeves are low in cost, and maintain pole strength over time unlike standard poles which can start to lose strength after only a few years. This can lead to poles breaking in bad weather and outages as well as increased danger for employees who climb poles that can be weakened and also danger members of the public from falling poles. Polesaver sleeved poles offer all the benefits of alternatives such as concrete poles, steel poles and composite poles but at much lower cost with an expected service life of 50 years or more. Polesaver sleeves also incorporate RFID (radio frequency identification tags) with a unique serial number to allow easy asset management and tracking in the field. A Postsaver fence post sleeve keeps the causes of rot out and the preservative in at the post sleeve protected part of the posts or treated utility poles. This  totally prevents conventional ground rot and post or pole failure. Postsaver sleeved posts are offered with 20 year guarantee. and are independently field tested (please see guarantee page for terms). The Postsaver post sleeves and Polesaver sleeves are quickly and easily applied; simply place in the correct position on the post or pole and heat shrink in place using a gas blow torch and install in the normal way to give substantial long term cost savings. In addition to this we also offer fire protection fabric to protect utility poles from bush and forest fire damage. Our products are used in over 40 countries worldwide with large stocks and prompt delivery. 

Can you afford to ignore the benefits of using Postsaver and Polesaver? 

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