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Postsaver Sleeved Posts Are Guaranteed for 20 Years

Backed Up With Our 20-Year BRE Independent Test Data


We guarantee* our Postsaver sleeves for 20 years and this is why 

With zero failures and excellent results, the 20-year independent test data report by BRE, Europes largest independent timber test organisation, is the reason we can back Postsaver sleeved posts with our; no-quibble, 20-year post replacement guarantee.

The results speak for themselves, click here to view the 20 year BRE test report. Let us know if you have any questions!

Composite sleeves make conventional ground line decay impossible by keeping the organisms and moisture that cause ground rot of the pole or post. So long as the barrier remains intact this will remain the case and we guarantee our Postsaver sleeves to last for 20 years.

Our sleeves are proven in volume use over 20 years in 50 countries and are fully independently tested and proven to work

  • Test posts without sleeves have been heavily attacked by decaying organisms after 12 years with 3 posts broken and the remaining 7 heavily decayed
  • Posts fitted with sleeves are in virtually perfect condition after 12 years 
  • Full test report available on request
  • Click HERE to see full Postsaver guarantee

Our sleeves are independantly tested to the requirements of or comply with the following standards

European Standard EN252: 1989, ‘Field test method for determining the relative protective effectiveness of a wood preservative in ground contact’


ENV807 Wood preservatives. ‘Determination of the effectiveness against soft rotting micro-fungi and other soil inhabiting micro-organisms’


AWPA E1-97, American Wood-Protection Association: 2005.’ Standard method for laboratory evaluation to determine resistance to subterranean termites’.


Meets the requirements of A.W.P.A.  (American Wood Protection Association) standard ‘Barrier systems’  P20-13, BP-1.


(full test reports available on request)





Without Postsaver Sleeves

BRE 20 year test report - Unsleeved samples

At year eight the test stakes were given a decay rating of twenty due to high levels of decay, four stakes had also wholly failed and were removed from the field test. By year twenty all remaining stakes have failed with a decay rating of forty.

Decay Rating =  40/40 all samples decayed and broken


With Postsaver Sleeves

BRE 20 year test report - Postsaver Sleeved Samples

With Postsaver, the test stakes at year eight have a decay rating of just three, and this is only at the unprotected tip of the stake. At year twenty, they only had a decay rating of six, again at the tip of the stake. With no breakages on impact, hammer testing demonstrated the absence of decay in the sleeved zone.

Decay Rating =  0/40 all samples with zero decay at the ground-line

Where Can I Purchase Postsaver Sleeves?


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Postsaver is patented in Australia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Sweden, N.Zealand and the USA and is a trademark of Postsaver Europe Ltd.

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