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Reducing costs of pole replacement, liability and compensation for power and telephony companies worldwide

  • Power poles fail as a result of ground line rot, decay & termite attack
  • Polesaver barrier sleeves prevent ground rot & termite attack in your utility poles
  • Giving you large scale reduction in pole maintenance and replacement costs
  • Improved safety  and Reduction in outages

wooden electiricity poles are damaged by low level rot and decay over time and can fail in bad weather

Major problem

Power poles made of wood have one major disadvantage: they rot through and break off at ground level whilst the rest of the pole is still in perfectly good condition. Patented Polesaver ground line composite sleeves prevent ground line rot. They typically double the life of your poles, saving you time, money and hassle whilst helping you reduce outages and the dangers associated with electric poles failing.

Traditional preservatives

Traditional preservative treatment of wooden power poles imparts uniform protection along the length of the power pole but unfortunately the rate of attack from decaying organisms is anything but uniform. At the ground line decay rates are high and as linesman knows this is the common point of power pole or telegraph pole failure where high decay rates and maximum mechanical loading work in unison to break the pole usually in bad weather when you are at full stretch.

And this is waste of treated wood as the rest of the pole deeper in the ground and above ground are usually still in excellent condition with many years of useful service life left.

Regular power pole or telegraph pole maintenance & inspection is a widely practiced method of attempting to spot rotten poles before they fall over. These methods all have one thing in common; they do not show how strong the pole is they just indicate whether the pole has suffered from the effects of wood rot.

For instance most of the core of the pole can be rotted away with minimal effect on the pole strength. Yet virtually undetectable initial decay of the outer layer of the pole can reduce the poles strength by 40% or more. This is a common but often undetected cause of a power poles or telephone pole failure in bad weather.

Polesaver barrier sleeves provide you with the extra protection you need in this area of your power pole. They can be quickly and easily applied to new poles or poles already in service significantly reducing the requirement for power pole replacement and with it costing up to $1500 to replace a single pole Polesaver will give you significant long term cost savings of up to $15 million a year per million posts installed.

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