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Termite attack of treated wooden poles
Termite attack of treated wooden poles
Wood poles are vulnerable to attack by Termites with Formosan Termites being one of the most aggressive types.
Conventional  utility poles are treated with wood preservatives that are formulated to provide protection  against termite attack and generally this proves to be effective in the first part of the poles life.
Over time wetting and drying of the pole and exposure to oxygen lead to migration and oxidation  of the wood preservative leading to a reduction of effectiveness against termite attack over time. This process is most pronounced at the ground line section of the pole where wetting and drying combined with exposure to oxygen are at their greatest.
At a certain point the  wood preservative proves to be ineffective in preventing termite attack and the termites will enter the pole via the ground line section and eat the outer wood and core of the pole away until it falls over unless inspectors spot the problem first.
In many countries  various types of barrier are used or the ground surrounding the pole is dosed with termiticides or termite repellents. These are often toxic and harmful to human health and the environment.
Obviously one way of minimising this problem is to prevent oxidation and migration of the wood preservative from the ground line section and this is where Polesaver comes in. As an impermeable barrier to wood preservative it prevents migration whilst minimising oxidation and loss of effectiveness over time.

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