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Lehighton Light & Power, PA - Solve their Pole Problems With Polesaver
Lehighton Light & Power, PA - Solve their Pole Problems With Polesaver
The Borough of Lehighton is situated upon the western bank of the Lehigh River, in southern Carbon County, Pennsylvania, USA.
Lehighton Light & Power has been supplying electricity to customers in this area since 1943!

Power is distributed to its customers via wooden utility poles. Unfortunately, poles planted in the ground are attacked by wood-decaying organisms which reduce the strength of the pole and can lead to early pole failure.  

To safeguard against this, in 2017, Lehighton Light and Power began using Polesaver barrier sleeves which are designed to prevent wooden poles from ground-line rot. When applied to the wooden pole, the  Polesaver dual layer barrier sleeve forms an airtight and watertight seal - elements that are necessary for decay to occur. With the ground-line section of the pole isolated from the causes of decay, the wooden pole will maintain 100% of its strength over the duration of its service life.  

Lonny Armbruster, Lehighton Light and Power’s Superintendent, said he was excited to have been made aware of a solution to prevent ground-line decay from a company based in the United Kingdom. He said that Polesaver has been manufacturing products that have been safeguarding in-ground posts and poles from decay, since 1994.

 “The technology has a proven in-service track record with more than 8 million barrier sleeves sold worldwide over 25 years and this, coupled with extensive independent test data from prominent European and USA testing establishments, made the decision to invest in Polesaver very easy” said Mr Armbruster. “Polesaver is a tried and test product with an excellent reputation.

The sleeves are sent to us directly from the United Kingdom and our people apply them quickly and easily to the new poles in our pole yard. The Polesaver protected poles are then transported to site and erected.”  

Richard George, Polesaver’s CEO, said he was pleased that Lehighton Light and Power were now an   established customer of Polesaver UK and he looked forward to supplying the barrier sleeves for many years to come. 

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