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A look at alternative pole life extension technology
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Over the years we and our distributors have witnessed the lengths people will go to  to keep poles standing rather than having to replace the failred pole. These photographs show some of the many techniques used sometimes dangerous but invariably unsightly! They include new poles to prop up  failed poles, fence posts inserted in the ground around the pole and then strapped to the pole, A metal stay bolted to a nearby wall and the most common of all splitting 45 gallon barrels, placing them around the pole, welding them back together and then filling with concrete. With nothing in the ground this relies on the weight of the concrete to keep the pole standing, all very costly and time consuming! These types of repairs generally occur where the householder or property owner is responsible for the poles on their land and refuse to pay the utility the cost of replacing the pole.and so resort to any number of methods to save money and keep the pole standing.

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