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Seesjarvi Poles Appointed Polesaver Distributor in Russia
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Seesjarvi-Poles are a large supplier of high quality wooden utility poles based in St Petersburg Russia. Seesjarvi-Poles  operate from 3 sites in Russia with a combined production  capacity of over 30,000 cubic meters per year. Poles are treated with CCA wood preservative as standard.
Seesjarvi-Poles have been promoting the benefits of wooden poles for over 20 years and are a major pole supplier to PJSC RosSeti one of the largest power distribution companies in the world with over 2.3 million Km ((1.4 million miles) of overhead distribution network and 490,000 substations.
As part of its policy of continual improvement Seesjarvi-Poles  is always looking for technology to improve the performance of its pole offering. Research led to contact being made with Polesaver in early 2019 . There was with particular interest in both Polesaver ground line sleeves to prevent ground decay and also in the bush fire protection fabric offered by Polesaver. Bush fires are surprisingly common in Russia. It is well known that wooden utility poles treated with copper based wood preservatives have a tendency to after burn and smoldering long after the initial fire has passed. This smouldering often leads to pole failure several hours after the fire has passed with serous consequences in terms of both supply and safety.
Polesaver fire fabric offers a simple  means of overcoming this problem , supplied on a roll it is simply cut and wrapped once around the pole ans stapled in place using stainless steel staples.
Seesjarvi-Poles have undertaken their own in house testing of the fir fabric with excellent results and hope to start supply in the near future.
Polesaver ground line barrier sleeves provide significantly extended pole life whilst overcoming the traditional problem see with all wooden poles of loss of strength at the vulnerable ground line section of the pole. Wood preservatives only provide partial protection from ground line decay meaning poles can start to lose strength after only a few years in service. Polesaver sleeves are the only product that offers total protection from ground line decay ensuring pole strength is maintained over time giving significantly  improved safety and network reliability.
Commenting  on the appointment as distributor of Polesaver products Valery Grigoryev export Director  of  Seesjarvi-Poles said "Being able to offer Polesaver products as a solution to the 2 problems experienced with wooden poles is a big step forward for us. It allows us to offer poles that match or better the performance of alternative materials such as concrete or steel but at lower cost and with the benefit of easier installation and climbability."

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