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Cattle Fencing That Is Strong and Long Lasting
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Although there are several cattle fencing options for farmers, most often they will opt for wire installed with wooden fence posts. Whether your cattle are beef, dairy or bulls, you will need to contain them.

Wire Fencing

Long distances usually warrant the use of galvanised and rust resistant wire. This high tensile option can be used on the borders of roads or wooded areas. It is strong enough to contain cattle, in particular when it’s supported by either wooden or metal posts.

It’s so tough that it will just spring back into place after getting quite a bit of abuse from cattle. It will even return to its original shape…sometimes trees may fall onto it, or cattle will try to lean on it.

Most farmers choose to bury posts to a good depth in the ground. This will make a fence more sturdy and able to cope with any misuse that it may need to withstand.

Posts will need to be set securely in order to take the strain of wire over distance. They will need to be buried to the same height of the fence in the ground using a tensioning tool.

Fortunately this type of cattle fencing is so strong that it will need few posts. This can give a good cost saving. You may even opt to electrify it to deter predators. It’s possible to put this type of fence up on hilly areas, as long as posts are planted perpendicular to the sloping ground in order to cater for line tension. Use post savers on them and they will last for years!

Although you may want to use barbed wire along the top of fencing for cattle, it’s not recommended in areas where there may be horses however , it can stop the cattle from trying to reach over the fence or leaning against it.

Do your homework to ensure that you install the best cattle fence for your particular situation, and you won’t go wrong. Call us if you need any help with preservation tactics.

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