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How to Save a Rotting Fence Post
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Top soil is full of moisture and organisms that will soon start the rotting process on any piece of submerged wood. Once the decay has begun, it’s only a matter of time before a post is so decayed that it will snap when the high winds of autumn come along.

Although wood preservatives have been around for over 100 years now, they are not very effective when it comes to protecting submerged wooden posts against the British weather. The wet, dry, wet cycle certainly takes it toll on the effectiveness of the preservative. It’s only just recently that a new protective aid has been developed to help fence owners maintain the condition of their investment.

Just 15% of the post needs to be decayed for it to have its strength reduced by up to 40%. This will definitely leave it in a position where it can snap off in a good wind.

Once a fence post or a gate post gets to the point where it will wobble, not only is the entire structure weakened, but it could easily snap off and leave you without your secure boundary intact.  This is the point where it could prove to be a danger and could even fall on somebody unexpectedly.

The frustration of discovering that it’s likely that the entire fence will need to be replaced just because the posts have rotted away, is not something that fence owner relishes. In certain cases, the fence above the ground looks perfectly fine, with the weak spot being the part of the posts that are underground.

Although some fence owners will want to replace just the post, when it comes down to putting the work into doing it, they will quite often just opt to replace the entire fence. There is the struggle of trying to find a fence post that will match the rest of the fence begins. Not to mention that there is also the removal of the old post to consider. A costly affair!  

By using Postsavers, you can avoid all the trauma and rest assured that your fence posts will be kept in good condition for many years to come.

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