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Polesaver Sleeves Extending Utility Pole Life Since 1994

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Wooden utility poles are a safety critical element used to support overhead cables in the power distribution and telecoms industries the world over. Wooden utility poles have one major weakness and this is ground line decay. Ground line decay occurs in the upper 150mm or 6” of the ground and is the number one cause of wooden utility pole failure and replacement. Wood preservatives provide partial protection from low level ground line decay. This can start after only a few years in service, reducing pole strength over time, reducing safety and increasing the risk of pole and network failure in bad weather.

What is Polesaver?

A Polesaver sleeve is a heat shrinkable thermoplastic sleeve lined with a meltable thermoplastic bituminous line. Polesaver sleeves are heat applied prior to pole installation at the vulnerable ground line section of the pole to create a long-lasting air and water tight seal that permanently excludes all the factors necessary for wood decay to occur. Unlike wood preservative, Polesaver sleeves provide total protection, they make conventional ground line decay impossible ensuring pole strength is maintained over time whilst giving an expected service life of 50 years or more whilst reducing maintenance requirements. Please watch the video to see more. 

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The Problem

rotten utility poles can fail which is dangerous and costly

The Solution

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Substantial Cost Savings

The use of Polesaver composite barrier sleeves can give pole replacement cost savings of up to $25 million per year (per 500,000 poles installed). With an expected pole life of 50 years + a Polesaver protected wooden pole matches or betters the performance of steel, concrete or composite poles at significantly lower unit cost..

Improved Reliability & Safety

Standard wooden poles lose strength over time Polesaver sleeves ensure pole strength is maintained over time improving network reliability in bad weather and safety for both employees & the public. Polesaver also offers a highly effective solution when the use of creosote or CCA wood preservatives is banned.

Proven Performance

We have been making barrier sleeves since 1994 with over 8 million in service. Our sleeves are independently field tested with zero decay and strength maintained over the long term (test reports available on request).

Why Do Poles Rot?

Poles rot at the ground line because conditions for decay are ideal at this
this is nature’s own natural waste disposal system for wood and leaves
that also happens to like eating your utility poles as well. Adding extra
protection from rot and decay at the mechanically stressed ground line
section of the pole prevents this problem. Deeper in the ground it is too cold
and there is not enough oxygen for the decaying organisms to thrive.

How Does Polesaver Work?

Polesaver Sleeves work by keeping out the wood destroying fungi, moisture
and oxygen necessary for wood decay to occur. Polesaver, unlike other barrier systems is a total barrier to all the causes of ground rot that weaken poles over
time and cause them to fail. Polesaver sleeves are made of high quality materials and are guaranteed for 50 years click HERE to see more

What Benefits Will Polesaver Bring Me?

Poles protected with patented Polesaver sleeves have an expected service
life of 50 years or more, key benefits include;

1. Substantial cost saving by significantly reducing pole replacement rate

2. Polesaver maintains pole strength over time minimising pole failure and
outages in bad weather

3. Polesaver improves safety for staff who have to climb poles and the
general public exposed to the potential danger of falling poles and live cables.

4. The lowest cost pole solution; matches or betters the life span of
alternative materials such as steel, concrete or composites at much lower cost.

standard poles decay and fail Polesaver makes conventional ground line decay impossible

Some Of Our Customers

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How Do You Apply Polesaver Sleeves?

Simply position the sleeve on the pole in the correct position and heat with a
suitable gas torch to shrink in place. We provide a free phone app with
application, handling and installation videos allowing quick and easy
application by unskilled staff. We also supply suitable application and
installation equipment.

Can I still Inspect Sleeves Poles?

Yes, the sleeve can be cut and peeled back for inspection and then resealed
using inspection patch tape available from Polesaver.

Does Polesaver Include Asset Tracking?

Yes, every Polesaver sleeve incorporates a Radio frequency identification tag
(RFID) with unique serial number that can be used with a reader and phone
app to record GPS location, condition etc for upload to asset
management systems such as SAP and IBM maximo. In partnership with  a specialist;provider we also  provide  a full asset tracking hardware and software solution  allowing you to locate, monitor and manage all your assets  easily at low cost.

Do You Offer Other Forms of Pole Protection?

Yes, we also provide fire fabric to provide cost effective pole protection from
bush fires and pole caps to protect against top rot. We also offer Polesaver plus to provide additional mechanical protection of Polesaver sleeves.

Where Can I Purchase Polesaver Sleeves?

We carry large stocks and supply sleeves directly or via distributors to over 40 countries worldwide in
quantities from 1 box to 40’ container loads and offer 3-4 day international direct delivery where required.
Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Email us at sales@polesaver.com OR Call us on +44 (0) 1452 849322

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We supply Polesaver sleeves worldwide in small or large quantities, as well as having a worldwide chain of distributors.

Polesaver is patented in Australia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Sweden, N.Zealand and the USA and is a trademark of Polesaver Europe.

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