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Polesaver can be used to protect steel poles from corrosion

Prevent corrosion and rust failures in your steel poles and lighting columns with Polesaver barrier sleeves

Polesaver composite sleeves are specially formulated for use on galvanised steel poles and lighting columns to prevent ground line rust and corrosion


galvanised steel utility pole in serviceSteel utility poles do fail

Like their wooden counterparts steel poles and lighting columns can suffer from failure caused by rust and corrosion at the mechanically highly loaded ground line section. Galvanising or zinc coating is the commonly used standard method of providing corrosion protection and rust prevention.

Flaws such as micro cracking and pin holing in the hot zinc galvanised coating on steel poles & steel power poles can set up points at which water can access the underlying steel structure. In corrosive soil conditions this causes spot corrosion, rust and de lamination of the protective zinc coating. This problem is worse where the electrical power pole is installed in corrosive soil types and especially bad at the ground line section of the pole where oxygen levels are elevated.

The costly solution?

To try and prevent this problem brush on or spray applied coatings are often used to provide additional protection and rust prevention on steel power poles or lamp standards. These coatings are often limited in terms of thickness and long term durability/weather resistance. From a manufacturing perspective they can also be labour intensive to apply and take a long time to dry. This can tie up space, time and stock.

The cost effective and quick alternative.

The Polesaver barrier sleeve is a highly effective and easy to use solution. They are quickly and easily applied using heat and they can be handled within minutes of application.

Polesavers unique composite construction provides a highly durable long lasting outer thermoplastic skin with a meltable thermoplastic liner that melts and adheres to the pole surface providing a water tight secondary under layer.

Developed from our Polesaver sleeve to protect wooden poles from rot and termite attack the Polesaver sleeve for steel utility poles and lamp standards has the backing of over 20 years’ experience in providing in ground protection.

steel poles can corrode and rust at the critical ground line section


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