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Would you like your wooden poles to last longer?

Then using polesaver sleeves to prevent ground rot & termite attack is the answer
and this is why: 

• Firstly polesaver will save you up to $15 million a year per million poles installed  on pole repair and replacement costs
• Secondly they will significantly reduce your pole failures & costly outages saving you time,  effort & money
• And finally they will reduce any litigation likely to arise from potential pole related accidents, death, and injury


Power & Telecoms

In the power distribution and telecoms sectors wood is the material of choice for treated poles to support overhead power lines and cables. As a material, wood is widely available, easy to work and environmentally friendly. However, it is not without its problems. 

Pressure treated wood failure almost always comes as a result of ground rot and termite attack that occurs in the first 10 or 15 cm below ground level.  Decay rates are very high at this point and this is also the point of greatest mechanical loading. Not a great combination.


Delaying the inevitable

To minimise this problem, preservative treated poles such as creosote poles and other types of pressure treated poles are used. The use of wood preservatives only delays the point at which ground line pole decay and failure occur.

This is because the effectiveness of the preservative is reduced over time due to leaching and oxidation.

For many utilities this means pole failures and outages in bad weather and the danger of accident and injury from falling poles.


Saving millions

Our patented sleeves are a simple and highly effective solution to this problem. They are non-toxic and quickly and easily applied to the treated poles using heat. Pole saver sleeves are used on both new poles and as a retrofit on sound poles in service and provide a long lasting tough & durable barrier to the causes of ground rot, decay and termite attack. Their unique composite construction means polesaver sleeves are also used as a corrosion inhibitor on steel posts, poles & lamp standards to prevent in ground corrosion and rust, significantly extending steel pole lifespan especially in corrosive soil types.



Why not contact us and ask us to prove it? We’d be more than happy to. We pride ourselves on offering first class customer service and high quality products that are independently tested, accredited and proven to work. We also sell a range of pole repair and life extension products including pole caps, woodpecker repair kits and bush fire protection products.


A global business

Polesaver have a Global presence with a supplier network of distributors and agents in over 30 countries.

We supply direct to any location in the world, and our online trade portal ensures order fulfilment 24/7 365 days of the year.


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