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standard utility poles decay and fail

Did you know that typically 1 gram of topsoil contains between 100 million and 3 billion living organisms?

Your poles are part of their diet. Believe it or not you are actually feeding them. Many of these organisms consume organic matter such as twigs, leaves and wood, but they also attack posts and poles that you put in the ground to support cables and wires.

The solution?

For over 100 years toxic wood preservatives have been the first and only line of defence against these decaying organisms. This still fails over time as it simply delays the inevitable.

However, patented non-toxic Polesaver polesleeves provide a more effective solution to this problem. They create a tough dual layer barrier that keeps the moisture, oxygen and decaying organisms that are necessary for wood rot and decay, out of the pole. At the same time they prevent moisture flow between the pole and the soil that over time leads to leaching and a loss of preservative from the pole.What’s going on in the ground?

Over time the ground line section of the pole is subject to relentless wetting and drying cycles as the seasons change. This leaches the preservative from the wood in to the soil. Combined with oxidation of the preservative, this process leads to a reduction in the effectiveness of the preservative until the point is reached where the soil borne organisms start to attack and decay the wood.

At first this attack is difficult to detect and on inspection the pole can appear to be in perfect condition. Yet initial decay in the outer 15% of the pole can shockingly reduce the poles strength by up to 40%; enough for it to break off in a strong wind.


Polesaver gives long lasting pole protection


Bad weather can cause power poles to fail



How you can prevent this?

Our sleeve is simply wrapped around the ground line section of any pole and joined using the high performance integral adhesive strip. The sleeve is then heated causing the liner to melt whilst the outer thermoplastic sleeve shrinks down tightly on to the pole.

Once cooled the liner forms a watertight seal to the pole surface and also adheres the outer heavy duty thermoplastic sleeve to the wood to form a tough, durable, long lasting barrier.

On installation around 15cm of sleeve is left above ground level with around 50cm below ground level. As well as excluding the causes of rot and decay testing shows that in normal conditions the moisture content is generally below the 25% level that is necessary for wood rot to occur giving an additional level of assurance.

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