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A gate is only as good as the post you hang it on

Gates are an essential part of many fencing installations and to work properly they rely on a having a solid gate post to support them.


Unusable timber gates 

Wooden gate posts ultimately rot through at ground level and break, this problem is much worse on  gate posts because of large loads on the post from the hanging gate especially with heavier  wooden gates . Any weakness in the post and they bend over or worse still break off leaving you with unusable timber gates or worse still  broken wooden gates.

And as anyone who has had to change a gate post knows this is a big problem. Removing the rotten large post which is normally concreted in place is heavy and difficult work. And replacement gate posts are very expensive and require careful installation along with time consuming re-hanging of the gate.

A highly effective solution

Because of this most contractors charge anything from £100 to £200 to replace a gate post and all because a small part of the gate post has rotted through at ground level. Add in changes in preservative legislation this problem is not set to get any better.

A proven and highly effective solution to this problem are  ground line barrier sleeves which stop wood rot preventing  the post rotting off in the first place ,keeping you gate standing longer… much longer. 

To fit all Gate Post Sizes

Postsaver barrier sleeves are available to fit all gate post sizes and are quickly and easily applied to the ground line section of the gate post using a blow torch. They keep the causes of rot out and the preservative  in saving you the cost and hassle of having to undertake gate post repair.

Postsaver sleeves have been in use for  over 20 years are independently tested and proven to work with many thousands of happy customers all over the world using postsaver sleeves for their gates and fences to support 

And the extra cost for using sleeves to protect your post and wooden gates is very small compared to the cost of having to replace a gate post, possibly after only a few years.

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