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Pro-Shrink Easily Applies Up To 1000 Sleeves Per Shift

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Postsaver Pro-Shrink is an electric machine allowing your business to quickly and easily sleeve up to 1000 posts per 8 hour shift

Key Facts

• Works with a Single Phase 10KW Supply

• Use post sizes up to 5 x 3” square or 5” round

• Use posts sizes up to 2.7m long

Cost of sleeve applied to post: 

      99p (4” Round) £1.22 (4x4” Square)*

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Semi Automatic Operation

Postsaver Pro-Shrink features a semi automatic operation. To use, the operator simply loads the post onto the machine, slides on the sleeve and lets the machine do the rest. Once shrunk, the sleeved posts cool on the conveyor and drop to stillage or can be stacked according to requirements. Square posts require a second operator to roll the sleeve after shrinking.


Up To 1000 Posts Per Shift

The Pro-Shrink machine has been designed to easily shrink up to 1000 sleeves per 8 hour shift. Postsaver Pro-Shrink makes light work of sleeving large amounts of post with ease. Designed to be used with one operator, Pro-Shrink keeps costs down wherever possible. We recommend you use two operators for square posts as the sleeve has to be rolled after shrinking. From just 99p for a 4" Round and £1.22 for a 4 x 4" square including labour, electric, sleeve and depreciation, Pro-Shrink allows you to quickly and easily add margin to your posts.


No Gas Needed

To make the Pro-Shrink machine as safe and user friendly as possible, it uses a handful of electric lamps to provide up to 10KW of heat. This allows the Pro-Shrink machine to easily and consistently shrink sleeves onto posts, meaning a higher quality product and more profit from sleeved posts. The Pro-Shrink machine simply requires a 10KW single-phase electric supply and a 100 psi capable airline.

Postaver Pro-Shrink Machine

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