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Farm, Field and Livestock Fencing

You've told us how crucial strong fencing is in an agricultural setting. It defines the boundary of your land and keeps your livestock secure. As a keystone of agricultural infrastructure, farm fencing and gateways must be dependable to keep costs low and avoid time spent on repairs. See how the application of Postsaver fencing products could help.

Why Should I Protect My Farm, Field and Livestock Fencing?

Unlike standard fencing, farm, field and livestock fencing covers large areas, so longevity is key if you want to keep costs low. If you install an unprotected run of fencing and have a post fail, chances are there will be more to follow.

The cost of replacing these could be substantial, and even if you decide to do the work yourself, you need to consider your time and machinery costs..

Beyond the cost of livestock fence failure, we have been hearing reports of livestock escaping and farmers losing animals, especially troublesome if any of your land is close to a road.
The cost of a failing agricultural/farm fence
Ground rot is the number one cause of fence failure in an agricultural setting, but fortunately, Postsaver can help.

What can Postsaver do to protect my fence?

Protecting your fence and gateways starts in the ground. Ground rot is the leading cause of fence failure and can be linked back to three key factors: moisture, fungi and oxygen. The causes of decay exist in the upper six inches of the soil. Deeper in the ground, there is not enough oxygen for the fungi to survive, leaving your post naturally protected.

The Postsaver dual-layer barrier sleeve is a patented and proven system that prevents ground rot and guarantees your posts for at least 20-years. Our Pro-Sleeves have been proven by BRE, Europes largest timber testers, and have shown no failures within 20 years of testing.

The Postsaver Pro-Sleeve is a guaranteed way to protect your investment and keep your fence posts secure at the ground line, saving you time and hassle. With a size to fit any post, they're the perfect addition to prolong the life of your farm, field or livestock fencing and gateways.

How do They Work?

Postsaver Pro-Sleeves use our patented dual-layer barrier system that creates a complete air and watertight seal around the wood's surface. The sleeves are applied using a blowtorch or heat and shrink onto the surface of the post. 

The inner bituminous liner becomes molten and penetrates the surface of the wood. In doing so, it locks in wood preservatives and keeps the three factors needed for decay locked out.

The sleeve's sealed surface also prevents any capillary action of water rising from the bottom of the post, keeping the timber dry and rot free. Because of our barrier sleeves' tough nature, they are suitable for all installation types, including power-driving.
Postsaver Pro-Sleeved Post Cross Section
Why Should I Trust It?
The Postsaver Pro-Sleeve was first developed over 25-years ago when the company's founder realised his field fencing had rotted after only a few years. Further investigation showed all posts had rotted through at the ground-line, and from there, the idea for the Postsaver Pro-Sleeve was born.

Our heritage spans over 25-years, and our products have been tried, tested and developed to deal with the issues you face. We fully understand the frustration of fence failure.
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Why Are Postsaver Pro-Sleeves Worth Considering?
You could protect your investment in a new fence with a simple, low-cost solution. From just £1.22 a sleeve, you can guard your fence against premature post-failure. Enjoy a long-life fence with Pro-sleeves, allowing you to fit and forget knowing your investment is secure for 20 years.

No matter what the size or type of your posts, we can help.
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Postsaver manufacturers and supplies guaranteed ground-line barrier sleeves that are proven to extend the life of fence and gate posts. With over 7 million sleeves supplied to date, our patented sleeves have been proven in volume use around the world since 1994.
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*When applied to posts that meet the requirements of BS8417:2012 - UC4 (Use Class 4). See guarantee for details
**Based on not having to replace your fence in 10 years time due to post failure.

Postsaver uses long term independent test data on the effectiveness of barrier sleeves to reach all the conclusions given on this website (test data available on request). Based on this data, Postsaver believes longer life, maintenance of strength over time, improved safety and reliability, extended inspection periods and reduced maintenance requirements are reasonable claims. This is subject to Postsaver products being correctly applied as per our instructions and used on correctly preservative treated (for long term in-ground use - use class 4 or higher) wooden fence posts that are free of decay at the time of sleeve application. The claims made, real or implied are not warranties. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate and satisfy themselves that the performance of the product meets their specific safety, reliability, extended inspection, repair and any other performance or cost-benefit criteria before using Postsaver sleeves
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