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How Do I Apply Postsaver Sleeves?

Our sleeves are quickly and easily applied with few tools required.

Watch the application video to learn more.
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What Application Equipment Do I Need?

Postsaver Application Equipment - Entry Level Gas Canister

Entry-Level Blowtorch -£17.99

Suitable for up to 20 posts
Postsaver Application Equipment - Trade Blowtorch

Trade Blowtorch - £53.99

Suitable for fast, effortless application for 20+ posts
Potsaaver Application Equipment - Foam roller for square posts

Foam Roller £2.02

Square posts only - Required to seal the sleeve after shrinking on flat surfaces
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How Can I Protect & Guarantee My Fence With Postsaver?

Apply Sleeves Yourself
Postsaver Sleeve Showing Guarantee
Postsaver sleeves are quickly and easily applied to wooden fence posts with blowtorch or hot air gun
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Purchase Pre-Sleeved Posts
Postsaver Sleeved Post
Save time and hassle by purchasing pre-sleeved Postsaver fence posts. Available in many sizes to suit all jobs.
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Postsaver manufacturers and supplies guaranteed ground-line barrier sleeves that are proven to extend the life of fence and gate posts. With over 7 million sleeves supplied to date, our patented sleeves have been proven in volume use around the world since 1994.
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Postsaver uses long term independent test data on the effectiveness of barrier sleeves to reach all the conclusions given on this website (test data available on request). Based on this data, Postsaver believes longer life, maintenance of strength over time, improved safety and reliability, extended inspection periods and reduced maintenance requirements are reasonable claims. This is subject to Postsaver products being correctly applied as per our instructions and used on correctly preservative treated (for long term in-ground use - use class 4 or higher) wooden fence posts that are free of decay at the time of sleeve application. The claims made, real or implied are not warranties. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate and satisfy themselves that the performance of the product meets their specific safety, reliability, extended inspection, repair and any other performance or cost-benefit criteria before using Postsaver sleeves

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