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Postsaver Rot Protection

EU & Coronavirus Delivery Information

Following Brexit, for all new customers in Europe who wish to order large quantities, we will require a valid VAT or EORI number upon order placement. Furthermore, there will be a £35 - £55 (39 – 62 EUR) duty charge per consignment on all goods arriving in the EU from the UK. There may also be a small delay in your order arriving.

During the pandemic we continue to operate as normal and are dispatching all orders on the day of receipt (received before 12pm, Monday – Friday). There is a possibility for courier delays due to demand but we are working closely with couriers to minimise this.

Why do wooden posts rot?

Wooden posts rot in the ground due to a combination of 3 factors present in the first 6 inches or 15 cm of soil below ground. These factors are oxygen, fungi and moisture. When these three factors are present together, the post decaying fungi has all of the elements it needs to survive and rot your post.

How does Postsaver rot protection work?

Postsaver rot protectors create an air and watertight seal around the critical first 6 inches or 15 cm below ground. This dual-layer seal system excludes all the factors required for decay to occur, guaranteeing against ground rot.

Can I use Postsaver rot protectors with fence post concrete?

Yes. All posts that have our rot protectors applied to them can be installed in all the usual ways - including installation with fence post concrete.

Where are Postsaver rot protectors made?

We make all of our rot protectors at our manufacturing facility in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

What are Postsaver rot protectors made of?

Postsaver rot protection consists of a dual-layer system, this system comprises of a tough polythene outer layer lined with a meltable bituminous inner sealant. Upon heating, the inner meltable sealant melts while the outer layer shrinks down onto the surface of the post to create an air and watertight seal; locking out all the factors required for decay.

How do you know Postsaver rot protection works?

Our confidence comes from our zero failure, 20-year independent field test data conducted by the BRE, Europe's largest and leading timber test organisation. With millions of rot protectors sold to over 30 countries worldwide over the last 26 years, our product is proven in volume use, and our test data confirms this.

Is Postsaver the same as bitumen paint?

No, Postsaver is a far superior product based on its dual-layer construction. Throughout the seasons it is common for wooden posts to expand and contract in line with the weather conditions. This expansion and contraction cause the post to crack, breaking the seal of the bitumen paint and allowing the factors required for decay (oxygen, fungi & moisture) into the post.

With all these factors then present in the post, decay is inevitable.

Postsaver's unique dual-layer system protects the post even when it cracks. The outer layer of a Postsaver rot protector is designed to bridge gaps of up to 20mm.

Is Postsaver the same as Flashband?

No. Postsaver rot protector's inner meltable liner is specially formulated to physically penetrate the surface of the wood rather than stick to the surface as flashband does. This results in a much tougher, long-lasting seal when using Postsaver.

Why do rot protectors not cover the bottom of the post?

Below 6 inches or 15 cm in the ground, there is not enough oxygen for the fungi required for decay to survive; this means there is no need to protect the post below this point. 

Can water travel up from the bottom of the post inside the rot protector?

No, due to Postsaver rot protection creating an air and watertight seal to the posts surface it dramatically lowers the moisture entry point to the bottom of the protector. With this lowered moisture entry point the moisture can't track far enough up inside the protected area to reach the critical first 6 inches or 15 cm below ground.

Can moisture enter at the top of the rot protector and travel downwards?

No, the wind and the sun will dry the post before the moisture has a chance to enter the ground-line section of the post. This combined with Postsaver's air and watertight seal excluding the other factors required for decay; oxygen & fungi - means that rot cannot occur.

How does Postsavers 20-year guarantee work?

So long as the Postsaver rot protector is correctly applied to a use class four post (UC4), then we automatically guarantee the post for 20 years. In the event of a failure, our guarantee covers the cost of a replacement post and rot protector.

We are a family-run business that believes in treating customers fairly and honouring our guarantee in all valid claims.

Can I use Postsaver with preservative-treated fence posts?

Yes, to enable our 20-year guarantee we require you use Postsaver on UC4 (Use-Class 4) preservative treated posts. Postsaver's dual-layer air and watertight seal not only locks moisture, fungi and oxygen out but also locks preservatives in.

How do I know I have applied the rot protector correctly?

It is clear when the rot protector has been applied correctly as you will have two black bands above and below the rot protector. 

How long will the rot protector last?

The material used to make the outer film liner has been used as an in-ground barrier film in damp proofing and landfill liners for over 60 years without problems. The projected lifespan of the outer layer of the rot protector in the worst ground conditions is over 200 years, and bituminous sealants have been used to protect wood from decay for over 2000 years.
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Postsaver Rot Protection: Application & Installation

What do I need to apply Postsaver rot protection?

All you need is a blowtorch or 2KW+ hot air gun and if applying rot protectors to a square post, a foam roller. All application equipment is available to purchase from us directly.

Can rot protected posts be power-driven into the ground

Yes, rot protected posts can be power-driven into the ground using a post basher or tractor operated fence post driver

Can rot protectors be applied to wet posts?

No, but they can be applied to posts that are slightly damp to the touch. If in any doubt, flash dry them with a blowtorch before application.

How long does it take to apply a rot protector to a post?

It typically takes 40 seconds per post for a gas blowtorch and 2-3 minutes using a hot air gun depending on the size of the rot protector and post used.

What size posts can be protected?

We supply rot protectors to fit all sizes of posts.

How much does in cost in gas to apply a rot protector?

Typically £0.03 per rot protector.
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Postsaver Rot Protection: Technical Questions

Over what temperature range can rot protectors be used?

The storage temperature range is 0C to 40C. Rot protectors must not be stored in direct sunlight, and we recommend that rot protection is applied to posts out of direct sunlight.

What quality control is used when making Postsaver rot protectors?

We are a ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. All rot protectors are rigorously checked against a set of tight quality standards including size, weight, film thickness, softening point, shrink ratios and print quality.

Does the product need a licence or biocidal approval to be used?

No. The rot protectors are non-toxic and do not require any approvals, certification or import licences for use.

Do Postsaver rot protectors prevent termite attack?

On an independent test in which wooden blocks were encapsulated with rot protector material, termite attack did not occur.

In some countries with certain termite species, we have been told it is sufficient to only apply a rot protector to the ground-line section of the post as the termites generally live in the upper part of the ground. If they cannot detect wood, they will not burrow down to attack the wood deeper in the ground. In other countries, the whole of the in-ground section of the post has to be encapsulated.

Are Postsaver rot protector's patented?

Yes, Postsaver rot protection is patented.
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Postsaver Pro-Set

What is Pro-Set?

Pro-set is a lightweight yet very strong expanding resin foam that can be used to fix fence posts into the ground.

Can I use Pro-Set with Postsaver ro protection?

Yes. For a guaranteed 20-year fence post, we recommend using Pro-Set with Postsaver rot protectors.

What sort of fence posts can I use Pro-Set with?

You can use Pro-Set with wooden, PVC, steel and composites posts.

How much does Pro-Set weigh?

Pro-Set is just 1.35kg per pack. One pack is capable of fixing two posts in the ground.

How does Pro-Set work?

Pro-Set is an expanding high-density resin foam that expands in the hole around the post, forcing itself into all voids in the soil to create a robust post fixing solution.

What if Pro-Set grows over the ground-level when it expands?

This is not a problem. If Pro-Set grows over the ground level, let it cure and then cut the excess resin with a knife etc. Remember to cover the footing with a few centimetres of soil; this is because Pro-Set is sensitive to UV rays so it will degrade if exposed to sunlight.

How long does Pro-Set take to use?

Pro-Set is quick and straightforward to use some guidelines to times are as follows:

3-5 minutes to fully expand (ready to be trimmed and covered with soil)

90 minutes = full strength

Do you need water to use Pro-Set?

No. Pro-Set requires no water.

How many posts does one pack of Pro-Set install?

If using a fencing spade or auger, one pack of Pro-Set is enough to fix two posts into the ground when using a 2-foot burial depth. If using a regular spade, you can install one post per pack.

We highly recommend using a fencing spade or auger.

Can Pro-Set be used in holes with standing water?

No. Pro-Set can be used in wet soil, but not if there is standing water. Remove the water or cover with soil, sand or substrate prior to use. 

Once Pro-Set has hardened it becomes water proof and will not be affected by water.

How strong is Pro-Set?

Pro-Set is strong, strong enough for most fencing jobs; however, it can't be used with concrete posts.

What is Pro-Set’s environmental impact?

Producing one pack of Pro-Set produces approximately 3 KG of CO2. 

In comparison, concrete post-mix produces approximately 8 KG per CO2 for two bags – the equivalent post-fixing capacity to Pro-Set.

When looking at the CO2 transport costs on the environment, Pro-Set is far more environmentally friendly due to it weighing 97% less than concrete.

What temperature range can I use Pro-Set in?

Pro-Set is a chemical compound, and as with most chemical products, its efficiency depends on temperature. It affects the speed as well as the volume of the final footing:

• in higher temperatures, Pro-Set will grow faster and can create more volume than specified in technical data sheets
• in lower temperatures, Pro-Set will grow slower and can generate less volume than specified in technical data sheets

No matter the outside temperature, 2 hours before using Pro-Set, it should be stored at room temperature [between 20 and 25 deg. C] to achieve the best results.

Can Pro-Set be used in acidic soil?

Yes. Pro-Set is not sensitive to particularly acidic or alkaline soils.

Is Pro-set Safe after it has cured?

After Pro-Set has hardened it is nonreactive. No contamination takes place and it is neutral to the environment and safe to living organisms.

How long does Pro-Set last?

Pro-Set is designed to last at least 50 years in service.
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Postsaver manufactures and supplies guaranteed post rot protection that is proven to extend the life of wooden fence and gate posts. With millions of Pro-Wrap and Pro-Sleeve post protectors supplied to date, our patented rot protection is independently tested and proven in volume use since 1994.
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*When applied to posts that meet the requirements of BS8417:2012 - UC4 (Use Class 4). See guarantee for details
**Based on not having to replace your fence in 10 years time due to post failure.

Postsaver uses long term independent test data on the effectiveness of barrier sleeves and wraps to reach all the conclusions given on this website (test data available on request). Based on this data, Postsaver believes longer life, maintenance of strength over time, improved safety and reliability, extended inspection periods and reduced maintenance requirements are reasonable claims. This is subject to Postsaver products being correctly applied as per our instructions and used on correctly preservative treated (for long term in-ground use - use class 4 or higher) wooden fence posts that are free of decay at the time of rot protection application. The claims made, real or implied are not warranties. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate and satisfy themselves that the performance of the product meets their specific safety, reliability, extended inspection, repair and any other performance or cost-benefit criteria before using Postsaver rot protectors
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