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Distributors & Agents 

  • Postsaver and Polesaver products are available from an established global network of agents and distributors 
  • Currently covering 27 countries – network expanding rapidly 
  • Recruiting for agents and distributors

Postsaver can be applied in high volumes using our pro-mill application machine

Changes in legislation

Our distributors and agents supply our ground rot prevention products for use in a large number of sectors including utilities, telecoms, fencing, fruit supports, road and highways fencing, security fencing and many other applications. Our primary customers are utilities and pole manufacturers offering telegraph poles for sale and wooden poles for sale.


For larger applications our products are used by a wide range of customers including:
• power pole suppliers
• wooden pole suppliers
• utility pole suppliers
• telephone pole suppliers 
• trade distributors

Need more information?

Find out more about our concept, products and proof of success. Try these useful links to find out more about specific applications:

Power Poles | Telegraph Poles | Utility Poles | Steel Poles | Wooden Poles

The not so big ones

On smaller sized fencing, fruit support and hail netting supports our Postsaver range of ground rot prevention products is available pre-fitted to a wide range of posts sizes from

• fencing distributors
• wholesale fencing supplies companies
• trade fencing suppliers
• wholesale garden supplies companies 
• specialists in post and rail fencing supplies

If you cannot find a supplier or distributor in your area then simply call us on +44 (0)1452 849322, or visit our online store << click here >>. We can supply sleeves on next day delivery anywhere in the UK and to most countries in only a few days .

So if you are looking for fencing, post and rail fencing supplies or to buy fencing from your wholesale garden supplies or nearest fencing stockist or fencing distributor then simply contact us now and we will put you in touch with your nearest supplier. 

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We supply Polesaver sleeves worldwide in small or large quantities, as well as having a worldwide chain of distributors.

Polesaver is patented in Australia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Sweden, N.Zealand and the USA and is a trademark of Polesaver Europe.

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