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Postsaver sleeves; saving farmers money for over 20 years

New fencing is expensive and with older fencing if a posts rots through and breaks this is costly and irritating to have to repair. Whether you are having your fencing installed by a contractor or choose to buy fencing products from your local fencing supplies company and do it yourself, you want it to last. You would imagine that this would be the case. But is it? 

Postsaver sleeves usd on fence posts for stock fencing 

Livestock escaping

Farm fencing failures are a source of concern for any farmer, with the danger of ground rot and fencing being pushed over by livestock and livestock escaping never mind the need for on-going Fence repair work and expense.

And with changes in wood preservative legislation farmers, agricultural fencing suppliers,  farm fencing suppliers and agricultural supplies companies our customers are telling us this situation is getting worse with more and more posts rotting and breaking off at ground level in some cases after only a few years.

Save money

In reality whilst a standard agricultural fence post may cost only a few pounds the real cost to you including replacement is much higher. Factor in your time to order and organise supply from your agricultural fencing supplies company, delivery charges, the cost of getting the fencing on site, the cost of removing the old post and installing the new post and you are looking at a true replacement cost of at least £10 per post and this post could fail after only a few years. 

Postsaver sleeved post being power driven into the ground using a tractor mounted post rammerThe reality

For most farmers and agricultural supplies companies the focus when replacing fencing is purely the cost of the replacement posts and netting. Is this the full story though? We have seen that in reality, the real long term cost of farm fencing supplies, stock fencing supplies and equestrian fencing supplies is much more than this.

To stop wasting your time, adding Postsaver sleeves to your new posts can save you many thousands of pounds a year by not having to repair and replace your fencing so often.
Save yourself worry, money and in-convenience by fitting Postsaver ground line barrier sleeves to all your new and replacement fence posts. 

So if you are planning to buy farm fencing supplies or agricultural fencing supplies from your agricultural supplies company make sure you use Postsaver ground line barrier to save you time and money.

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What causes posts to break?

Ground rot is at its worst in the top layer of the soil with billions of wood decaying organisms lying in wait to eat your fence post. Your posts are simply acting as food for these destructive organisms.

Patented composite Postsaver Fence post sleeve keep the wood rotting bugs in the soil out of your post and the preservative in. They are proven in volume use over 20 years all over the world and independently field tested. 

So if you are looking for fence posts for sale for your fencing project and whether you are having fencing installed by a contractor or buy fencing products from you r local fencing supplies company or buy fencing online then make sure you specify Postsaver sleeve on your posts.

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