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Forest fencing and deer fencing is costly and difficult to replace 

  • often remote locations make repair and renewal very difficult
  • the same remoteness makes maintenance very costly
  • forest fence and deer fence products doesn’t seem to last as long as they used to
  • typically, deer fencing and tree protection fencing costs twice as much to replace than conventional stock fencing
  • Does saving £1000 a year per 1000metres of fence sound attractive?

Fencing off forests is essential to control the impact of wildlife and livestock on trees and woodland. Forest fencing and woodland fencing is often expensive to install initially due to restricted or difficult access and remote locations. They are however a crucial form of forest protection. 

The same remote location and difficult access means that replacement of and repairs to forestry fencing and deer fencing is also hard work. Invariably greater maintenance costs are encountered than those associated with more traditional and easier to access stock fencing. 

Postsaver sleeves used on posts for deer fencing

Changes in legislation

Following changes in preservative legislation our customers are telling us that posts and deer fence products are not lasting like they used to with some failures occurring after only a few years of installation. 

To overcome this, people worldwide have found Postsaver barrier sleeves have come to their rescue. They are quickly and easily applied to the ground line section of tree stakes and tree fence posts using a blow torch.  They keep the causes of rot out of the post and the preservative in, saving you the potential cost of losing trees to wind damage and the ongoing hassle of having to replace stakes and your tree fence.

Remote and hard to access places means that premature failure of forest and deer fence posts is potentially a very expensive problem. Our research and experience shows that the cost of replacement in a remote location is typically over double that for conventional stock fence post replacement.

Environmentally friendly

Postsaver barrier sleeves have been manufactured and used for over 20 years and provide a proven and independently tested solution to this problem by preventing ground rot. They are harmless to the ground themselves, and actually protect the environment from preservatives being drawn from posts and in to the ground itself. In doing this significant sums of money are saved in fence and deer post replacement costs of up to £1000 a year per 1000metres of fencing.


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