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Save money, improve safety and be even more environmentally responsible with your fencing 

  • Repairing and replacing fencing costs local authority procurement and housing associations tens of millions of pounds every year. 
  • UK authorities and housing associations have long term responsibility for literally thousands of miles of fencing be it costly close board fencing, street fencing or boundary fencing
  • Postsaver barrier sleeves are proven to eliminate most of your fencing problems

postsaver applied to post supporting a feather edge fence



Problem worsening

The majority of fencing uses wooden posts and wooden posts rot off and break at ground level. Our customers, approved contractors and fencing installers tell us this problem is getting worse due to changes in wood preservative legislation.

There is a solution however that prevents ground rot in your wooden fence posts saving time and money whilst significantly reducing the environmental impact of your fencing.

Playground fencing

Some fencing applications can be potentially more libellous to organisations than others. Local authorities and Housing associations are often responsible for maintaining many miles of boundary fencing be it road side, park, housing or playground fencing. It is essential that these are tough and do not easily fail or fall over.

Environmentally friendly solution

The humble wooden fence post is a mainstay of the fencing industry but it suffers from one major weakness and that is rot at the ground line section of the post. This means having to replace the post or where high winds have caused further damage possibly the whole fence.

Postsaver barrier sleeves provide a proven and independently tested solution to this problem. They keep the causes of ground rot out of the post and the preservative in preventing post failure. The use of Postsaver sleeves as well as saving money also reduces the environmental impact of fencing. 

This is because the posts have to be replaced far less frequently this saves trees and harmful CO2 emissions from harvesting, sawing, treating, transporting and replacing the post. And if you use Concrete posts the use of Postaver makes wood a viable alternative that is long lasting, low in cost, lightweight and easy to handle and install without any special handling requirements.

When specifying fencing, include Postsaver barrier sleeves the proven solution to ground rot in fence posts.

If you need more evidence, require a free sample, or simply require further information, please call us on +44 (0)1452 849 322. Alternatively, you can email us on info@postsaver.co.uk. You have nothing to lose, yet potentially a huge amount to gain.



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