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Guaranteed to last For 20 Years
Guaranteed to last For 20 Years

For those looking for a wooden fence or gate post that is proven, and guaranteed, to last for 20 years there are only 2 options available.


Creosote treatment is proven to work but is expensive, unpleasant to handle and as a wood preservative is likely to be phased out due to its very poor environmental credentials.


This leaves only one option, which is a post treated with the current environmentally friendly wood preservative, then fitted with a Postsaver ground-line barrier sleeve.


Postsaver ground-line barrier sleeves have been in production since 1994 and are proven to protect the vulnerable part of the post from ground rot - the No. 1 cause of fence post failure.


Postsaver sleeves are low cost, easy to apply and supplied in sizes to fit all fence & gate posts.