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Postsaver-Saving trees for 25 years
Reducing the requirement for trees to be felled using Postaver ground line barrier sleeves

Universal product fits all post sizes
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Postsaver universal Wrap & Tack fits all post sizes

What You Need to Know About Fence Posts
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Learn more about fence posts, how they can be used and how you can protect them from wood rot.

5 Quick Advantages of Fences
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Read about the advantages of installing your own fence before you invest including considerations like privacy and aesthetics.

Why do wooden fence posts rot through at ground level and fail? (1 of 2)
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Research shows that wooden fence posts and poles fail as a result of ground decay or rot which occurs at the ground line section of the post.

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We supply Postsaver sleeves worldwide in small or large quantities, as well as having a worldwide chain of distributors.

Postsaver is patented in Australia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Sweden, N.Zealand and the USA and is a trademark of Postsaver Europe Ltd.

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