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Sheep Fencing: Save Livestock & Money
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Every sheep farm needs good quality sheep fencing. Although it can be costly to purchase and install, it’s important to spend out for the benefits that it provides. It really is an investment. Once you have it in place, it can be modified and replaced without it needing to cost huge amounts. You just have to know what you’re doing, find a supplier who will help and plan your approach knowing that you can save money and sheep over time. Here are a few options for you to consider:

Perimeter Sheep Fencing

This is the most crucial element of any system of sheep fencing. It’s of paramount important to prevent foxes and other threats from entering your land and helping themselves to your costly livestock. It’s imperative that the fencing is both sturdy and well installed. Perimeter fences that are commonplace are high-tensile wire.

Tensile Wire

Tensile wire used for sheep fencing contains more cross-strands than can be found on the type of fencing used for cattle. This has two benefits: It will work better to keep the sheep in and the predators out. In order to cater for the size of lambs, the bottom part of the fence will have wires that are closer together.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire can be dangerous to sheep so it’s usually added just to top of fencing to put a stop to any predators that climb. Catching on fleece or even entangling sheep and causing serious injury or death is not something that any sheep farmer wants.

This is why high tensile wire is the most popular choice. It is also weather resistant and less likely to corrode.

If you’ll soon be installing a high tensile wire fence, consider protecting your posts with post savers. Although you may purchase top quality timber, it will still gain years of extra use through the protection that post savers gives.


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