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What You Need to Know About Fence Posts
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Fence posts do a great job. They stand strong and tall so that the rest of the fence can be attached to them in a secure and safe manner. Once the fencing material is in place, it can provide a barrier around a section of property to provide security and aesthetic appeal.

What are most fence posts made of?

These days there are a few options available when it comes to fence posts. Many people are aware that wood can rot, so some people will opt for an aluminium or even a steel or iron post. There are even PVC options available these days, although these can cost twice as much as the wooden fence post.

However, most people prefer the wooden look of a fence and so will opt for wooden fence posts. They are far more cost effective too, but the trouble with them is that they have a tendency to rot. Metal fence posts can last twice as long as the wooden fence.

It is only relatively recently that fence owners have been presented with a new option - the Postsaver.

Used to protect the wooden fence post against the elements of moisture and bacteria in the ground, the Postsaver wraps around the fence post so that it stays dry and in good condition, no matter what the weather. Although the wood that fence posts are generally made from has been pressure treated, It is not quite as resilient as it might be and this is where the Postsaver sleeve comes into its own.

No home and commercial business owners want to keep paying out to have fence after fence installed, it’s far wiser and economical to look after what you already have.

Learn more about the Postsaver here.  

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