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Fence Posts in the ground will eventually rot.
This is unavoidable and costly. Or is it?

The solution.

The Achilles heel with fence posts has always been at the point where it enters the ground – aka the ground line section. Frustratingly, they rot through at ground level whilst the rest of the fence is still in perfectly good condition and doesn’t need replacement.

And, as we all know, with bad weather your otherwise perfectly good fence can be smashed and broken by strong winds simply because the fence post rots through and breaks off.

.FACT: Postsaver ground line sleeves extend fence post lifespan

.FACT: This is confirmed by independent testing 

.FACT: Very low cost

.FACT: Saves you time, hassle and money having to
                                    replace your whole fence just because the post
                                    has rotted through in the ground

.FACT: Very quick and easy to apply with a blow torch




Dramatically  extend fence & gate post life

Fence Posts shown in the ground

Wooden Fence Posts - Fence Fallen Over

Wooden Fence Posts being Driven Into Stony Ground

Another Image of Wooden Fence Posts being driven into stony ground

With changes in preservative legislation in recent years the problem has just been made worse as all the harmful but effective chemicals have been removed from fence preservative. However by fitting a Postsaver fence post sleeve to the vulnerable ground line section you will keep the causes of ground rot out and the preservative in  ensuring that your new fence will last for many, many years. 

The use of Postsaver sleeves will typically double the life of your wooden fence posts giving you substantial long term cost savings. This saves you the hassle and expense of on-going fence maintenance; and repair. And with it costing you up to £80 to have a single fence post replaced the small extra cost of using Postsaver sleeved posts for your fencing is a small price to pay for long term peace of mind protection.

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