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Fencing supplies: Stopping the rot with Postsaver sleeves

How would you feel if your new fence post fell over or was blown away after only a few years because the posts were rotten? Not too happy!
Yet billions of bugs in the soil are lying in wait ready to eat your new fence or gate posts! And as environmental preservative legislation starts to take effect can you afford to take the risk?


It only takes a few things

Wooden fencing treated with fence preservative is normally the material of choice for fencing products and fencing supplies as it’s cost effective, good looking and environmentally friendly.

The Achilles heel though has always been that traditional fence protection over time doesn’t prevent rot at ground level and with recent changes in the formulation of fence preservative this problem is getting worse.

It only takes a few things for your fence post to rot air, water, wood decaying bugs and failing fence treatment. These conditions exist in the top 15cm of topsoil at ground level but not deeper in the ground.

Highly effective solution

Postsaver ground line barrier sleeves provide a highly effective solution to the problem of ground line rot in wooden fencing; they keep the moisture and wood rotting bugs out of the post and the preservative in. This prevents your fence post suffering from the effects of ground rot and premature fence post failure.

This has provided a great opportunity for timber fencing supplies and fencing contractors to add a premium long life post to their range of fencing materials to satisfy demand from the ever increasing number of customers who are looking for a premium proven long life fencing products.

Those stocking Postsaver sleeved post or selling sleeves for their customers to fit have seen a recent surge in demand as more and more standard posts are failing in some cases after only a few years due to problems with achieving good fence treatment.

The sleeves are 350mm long and come in a range of sizes to fit all round and square fence posts and gate posts.

You can apply them to your existing posts quickly and easily with a gas blow torch or you can purchase pre-sleeved posts as required.

Can you afford to ignore the benefits of using Postsaver?

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