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Garden gate post failures on the increase

A gate post performs a key role in keeping your garden gate working effectively. Changing legislation that has reduced the toxicity of wood preservatives is having a knock on effect with premature post failures becoming more common.

Postsaver barrier sleeves prevent this problem they keep the causes of rot out and the preservative in keeping your wooden garden gates and garden gates standing.

A common feature of gardens

Gates are a common feature in many domestic settings be it wooden driveway gates, wooden entrance gates, closeboard gate or a wicket gate they all need to be supported by a gate post and when used with heavier gates such as hardwood garden gates, wooden drive gates, or 5 bar gates the long term performance of the post in supporting these heavy gates becomes even more critical.

Yet in every gram of top soil there are literally billions of organisms, many of which are very good at eating and destroying wood. When you put your gate post in the ground the only thing keeping these wood eating bugs out is wood preservative. Over time the preservative becomes less effective due to oxidation and leaching and it is at this point that the bugs start to attack your post until your garden gates fall over.

Expensive to replace

And when this happens it is expensive to replace the post, new gate posts are expensive, and it takes a lot of time to remove the old post, install the new post then re-hang the gate making gate post replacement a particularly expensive operation.

Postsaver composite barrier sleeves prevent this problem occurring. They keep out the bugs that are waiting to rot your post. The sleeves are quickly and easily applied to the section of the post using a blow torch. They shrink on to your post forming a super tough barrier to the causes of rot and decay at the  ground line section of the post where posts rot off and break. They keep your garden gates standing.

Independently Tested

Postsaver sleeves are proven over 20 years in large scale usage all over the world and are also independently tested to give you peace of mind protection from the effects of ground rot keeping your wooden garden gates standing.

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