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Wooden posts in ground contact rot and break off

Wooden posts and timber posts are widely used in ground contact to support fences, fruit, gates, play equipment and many other applications.
Yet they regularly rot through and fall over in some cases after only a few years leaving you with the cost and hassle of having to replace them
A post sleeve and better still  bitumen lined post sleeves prevent ground wood rot in your wood posts and fence posts


Changes in wood preservatives

Wood is a great material, it grows on trees, is strong lightweight and easy to work. Its major enemy has always been nature’s own waste disposal system. The wood decaying organisms and bugs that live to eat wood. And these bugs are prolific in the top layer of the ground with literally billions of wood eating organisms lying in wait to eat your wooden post

Wood preservative and wood rot treatment have traditionally been used to keep this problem at bay. But changes in wood preservative legislation means that our customers are now telling us wooden posts in the ground are not lasting like they used to with some posts failing after only a few years.

Extra Protection

A simple but highly effective solution to this problem is to provide extra protection from the causes of wood rot at the vulnerable ground line section of the wooden post. In this way conventional ground rot is impossible. 

Heat applied composite Postsaver barrier sleeves provide the ultimate in ground rot prevention. They are shrunk on to the post using a blow torch, their patented dual layer construction ensure a tough watertight seal keeping out the bugs and moisture necessary for rot and decay to occur in your timber posts

Postsaver products are independently tested proven to work over 20 years all around the world. With post replacement costs of up to £100 per post it is sensible to specify low cost Postsaver sleeves to protect your wooden posts.

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