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Postsaver prevents ground rot in fence posts

 Wooden fence posts rot through and break at ground level leaving you with a broken fence and a costly repair bill
Postsaver  post  sleeves keep out the causes of ground rot from your wooden posts keeping your fence standing


Organisms eating fence posts

Wood is the material of choice for fence posts; it is environmentally friendly, looks good and is easy to work yet it has one major area of weakness and this is rot at ground level. Postsaver barrier sleeves prevent the problem of ground rot in wooden fence posts by keeping the causes of ground rot out and the wood preservative in dramatically extending the life of your fence saving you time, money and hassle

In the upper 15cm of the soil conditions are ideal for wood rot. There are literally billions of wood decaying organisms in the soil waiting to eat your new wooden fence post. Deeper in the ground and it is too cold and there are no nutrients for the organisms to live on so wood rot is almost non-existent at this point.

Water tight barrier

The first line of preventing wood rot in wooden posts is wood preservative but over time this becomes less effective due to oxidation and leaching leaving your timber posts vulnerable to attack. And whilst wood rot treatment might seem like a good idea to prevent this occurring the reality of applying these products can be very difficult

Postsaver patented sleeves provide the ultimate in protection against this problem. The sleeve is a composite dual layer product that is simply positioned on the post and heated using a blow torch. The liner melts and seals the surface of the wooden post whilst the thermoplastic outer sleeve shrinks down tightly to form a super tough watertight barrier to the causes of ground rot and decay.

Postsaver sleeves have been in use for over 20 years all over the world, they are independently tested and proven to work and are used  in many applications including fencing, fruit supports, electricity poles, road and rail fencing etc.

And with it costing up to £80 to replace a wooden post, using Postsaver sleeves provides a low cos, highly effective system to protect your timber posts from ground rot that will save you time, money and hassle.

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We supply Postsaver sleeves worldwide in small or large quantities, as well as having a worldwide chain of distributors.

Postsaver is patented in Australia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Sweden, N.Zealand and the USA and is a trademark of Postsaver Europe Ltd.

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