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Garden Decking

Garden decking can transform your outdoor space and create a year-round useable platform for you and your family, perfect for summer BBQs or cosy winter nights by an open fire. Timber decking provides an ideal seamless transition between your home and garden. If you decide to deck part of your garden, make sure to protect your investment from the horrors of ground rot. The right protection will leave your decking sound and secure for years to come so you can fit and forget.

Why Should I Protect My Decking?

Timber decking is a fantastic addition to a garden, providing a more userfriendly space. Decking materials and labour, however, are not cheap, making decking a sizeable investment. Decking that fails after only a few years could become very expensive.

Due to the construction of decking, any repairs to supporting posts can be challenging. Because the supports are hidden under the deck, any maintenance could require a considerable amount of dismantling. Costly in labour, or time-consuming if you decided to do it yourself. Be sure to protect your decking and save money long-term.
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How Can Postsaver Protect My Decking?

We appreciate that you want your decking to last. The timber support posts are the most integral part of your decking. However, they could be at risk of ground line decay. Hidden away in the soil beneath your decking there are thousands of wood-decaying organisms. Assisted by well-oxygenated soil and moisture, they are poised ready to feast on your decking supports!

Postsaver rot protector's provide an air and watertight seal that prevents potential ground rot. Their dual-layer system is made of a highly stabilised UV outer film with an inner bituminous liner. These rot protectors will fit any size post and feature our 20-year post replacement guarantee. By locking in wood preservatives and keeping decay out, your decking will stand firm for many years to come.

How is Decking Constructed?

Garden decking is an excellent way of making use of uneven ground, slopes or undulations. With this in mind, most wooden decking construction features an elevated frame supported by timber posts on which the decking is fixed. By digging these posts into the ground, they provide a firm foundation for the decking above. Decking design varies, but the most common type is cross laid timber boards, finished with a timber handrail.
Garden decking construction
How Else Can You Help?
As well as preventing ground rot, Postsaver can help secure your decking posts with Pro-set, our rigid post fixing foam. It's 97% lighter than post concrete and doesn't require any water. Perfect for when you're installing multiple posts. The two-part foam is simple to use and highly effective. It also sets off in 90 minutes, great for speeding up installation.

Don't forget to treat your decking to protect the wood from the elements. By treating the exposed timber, you can preserve your decking's lifespan and keep it looking smart. See our range of decking supplies and treatments that could help transform your garden.
Get the most out of your decking by using wood stain at least once a year. Our experts recommend doing this in the autumn to give you the best protection against winter weather. Plus it will keep your decking looking smart!

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Postsaver Rot Protection

Safeguard your fence against premature post-failure and enjoy a long-life fence with Postsaver. Fit and forget knowing your investment is secure and guaranteed for 20 years.
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Postsaver manufactures and supplies guaranteed post rot protection that is proven to extend the life of wooden fence and gate posts. With millions of Pro-Wrap and Pro-Sleeve post protectors supplied to date, our patented rot protection is independently tested and proven in volume use since 1994.
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*When applied to posts that meet the requirements of BS8417:2012 - UC4 (Use Class 4). See guarantee for details
**Based on not having to replace your fence in 10 years time due to post failure.

Postsaver uses long term independent test data on the effectiveness of barrier sleeves and wraps to reach all the conclusions given on this website (test data available on request). Based on this data, Postsaver believes longer life, maintenance of strength over time, improved safety and reliability, extended inspection periods and reduced maintenance requirements are reasonable claims. This is subject to Postsaver products being correctly applied as per our instructions and used on correctly preservative treated (for long term in-ground use - use class 4 or higher) wooden fence posts that are free of decay at the time of rot protection application. The claims made, real or implied are not warranties. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate and satisfy themselves that the performance of the product meets their specific safety, reliability, extended inspection, repair and any other performance or cost-benefit criteria before using Postsaver rot protectors
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