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The Post Newsletter - September 2023

Posted By  Leila Blackmore  On September 19, 2023

Welcome to The Post Newsletter September Edition

In the September edition of The Post Newsletter, we focus on the Postsaver product range, our company profile which recently featured in the Fencing News magazine, and the NEW Lease Scheme for the Postsaver Pro-Shrink bulk application machine.

Postsaver Sleeved posts and installation tools

Do It Once, Do It Right

Post Rot Prevention & Installation

The Postsaver online shop has everything you need to protect your customers posts, make installation effortless and maintenance a breeze. As a trade customer, you can sign up here for a trade discount on the Postsaver online shop, and find full descriptions of the entire Postsaver product range.

The Post Newsletter - Postsaver_rot_protector
The Post Newsletter - Postsaver_tools
Postsaver Key Product

Postsaver Rot Protector

Using a Postsaver rot protector on new UC4 treated posts, is the key to guaranteed, long-lasting wooden posts.

Postsaver locks in wood preservatives and locks out fungi and moisture, by creating a dual-layer air and watertight seal which penetrates into the wood’s surface.

View the guarantee & test data page for details.

Effortless Installation

Postsaver Installation Tools

Our range of high-quality, easy-to-use post installation equipment aims to make your fence post installation quick and effortless. We supply all of the equipment you need to make your fencing job as easy as possible.

Visit the online shop for detailed descriptions of the tools and accessories available for simple and effective installation & maintenance.

Total Post Protection

Wooden Post Caps

The Postsaver range of post finishing accessories helps you add those all-important finishing touches to your job. Softwood timber post caps will protect the top of square wooden fence posts from water and decay ingress.

The result is a great looking fence completed to a high standard, that will last. Post caps are available in brown, green and untreated timber, in both 3 inch and 4 inch squares. The full range, along with prices, sizes and descriptions, can be found on our online shop.

Wholesale trade pricing is available, simply contact Claire for the latest pricing and information about post caps.

Prevent. Protect. Prolong.™

Fence Armor® Post Guards

Prevent the damaging effects of lawn maintenance equipment and protect new and existing wood or metal posts with Fence Armor® Post Guards, while prolonging their life and beauty. Each post guard is made from high quality galvanised steel dipped into Zinc for durable, long-lasting protection.

Fence Armor® for Commercial & Domestic Use

Postsaver is an official manufacturer & distributor of Fence Armor® post guards, in UK & Europe.

With timber posts having only a few millimetres of wood treatment, it doesn't take long for a strimmer or mower to damage the surface of an unprotected post creating an entry wound for wood decaying organisms to enter. This then causes the post to rot and fail prematurely, and replacement can be costly and time consuming.

Benefits of Fence Armor

  • Applied in minutes
  • Reduced replacement costs
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Fully compatible with Postsaver

Fence Armor® is the perfect solution for playgrounds, parks and zoo's as well as domestic fencing, decking, gazebos & gates and is available through the Postsaver online shop in a range of sizes to suit both square and round posts. For full descriptions, prices and sizes visit the website.

For latest UK & Europe wholesale trade pricing and further information on Fence Armor, contact Claire

Postsaver Pro-Shrink Machine Lease

Become a UK Postsaver sleeved post producer from £80 a week

Apply up to 1000 sleeves per day

For medium to large volumes of posts we recommend our very own Postsaver Pro-Shrink bulk application machine, which is suitable for applying up to 1000 sleeves per day when based on an 8 hour shift, allowing you to become a Postsaver pre-sleeved post producer with ease.

Postsaver Pro-Shrink Application Machine
  • Works With A Single Phase 8KW Supply
  • Up to 1000 Sleeves / Day (8 Hour Shift)
  • Post Sizes Up To 2.7M Long

NEW: Lease with Option to Purchase

UK-based companies can try our Pro-Shrink application machine risk free from only £80 a week as a lease, with the option to purchase at the end of the lease term. For full details on both the lease scheme and the Pro-Shrink application machine, please contact Claire via email at

Latest UK Product
Postsaver Company Profile

Postsaver Featured in Fencing News Magazine

Fence Armor®

"From one engineer’s idea to over 10 million products sold worldwide – keeping wood in the frame with Postsaver and Polesaver"

Fencing News, Aug 2023

Postsaver's CEO Richard, pictured above in his shed where it all began, continues to develop and improve the Postsaver rot protection products in order to provide the best solution possible to ground line rot, which is the number one cause of wooden post failure.

"Postsaver and Polesaver have gone from strength to strength in the battle against ground line decay in fence posts, gate posts, fruit supports and utility poles." 

Fencing News, Aug 2023

Postsaver products have undergone several changes from 1992, due to both customer feedback and the results from on-going independent testing by BRE, which is Europe's largest independent testing laboratory. Postsaver test stakes are, even now, continually field tested to provide real-time, up to date evidence for the Postsaver guarantee.

1992: Postsaver for the Fencing Sector

Originally developed for fence posts, Postsaver is still a unique & proven solution against ground line rot, for use on new UC4 wooden posts, including playgrounds, gates, gazebos, bollards and more.

2008: Polesaver for the Utility Sector

In 2008, Richard & Jim looked to the Utility Pole sector which also suffers from ground line rot. Pole failure can be catastrophic, and is extremely costly and time consuming for utilities. Based on the Postsaver product, Polesaver was created in 2008 as a larger and heavier duty sleeve that is suitable for all wooden utility poles.

Polesaver increases the life of new wooden utility poles by +20yrs from the start, regardless of wood preservative used.

Read the full article in the August edition of The Fencing & Landscaping News Magazine to discover how the company & products have developed since 1992.

Learn more about Postsaver below


Postsaver Post Rot Protection

Fitting post rot protectors saves you time, money & stress by protecting and guaranteeing your posts from rot for 20 years. Independently tested & proven - Millions sold worldwide.
Learn About Post Rot Protection
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Postsaver manufactures and supplies guaranteed post rot protection that is proven to extend the life of wooden fence and gate posts. Our patented rot protection is independently tested and proven in volume use since 1994.
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**Based on not having to replace your fence in 10 years time due to post failure.

Postsaver uses long term independent test data on the effectiveness of barrier sleeves and wraps to reach all the conclusions given on this website (test data available on request). Based on this data, Postsaver believes longer life, maintenance of strength over time, improved safety and reliability, extended inspection periods and reduced maintenance requirements are reasonable claims. This is subject to Postsaver products being correctly applied as per our instructions and used on correctly preservative treated (for long term in-ground use - use class 4 or higher) wooden fence posts that are free of decay at the time of rot protection application. The claims made, real or implied are not warranties. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate and satisfy themselves that the performance of the product meets their specific safety, reliability, extended inspection, repair and any other performance or cost-benefit criteria before using Postsaver rot protectors
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