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What You Need to Know About Closeboard Fencing
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You may know it as feather board or ship lap fencing, but close board fencing is the official name of it. Its reputation as being of the most cost effective boundary methods is well earned. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s the type of fencing that has closely aligned vertical boards.

Surprisingly some fences need planning permission to build. Those over 1m high warrant a quick call to your local council to understand whether there are any regulations on them. Do this before you make your purchase just in case.

As with any fencing, it’s your choice whether you decide to use concrete or timber posts. Of course using timber is far quicker and if you’re a contractor this is likely to be your top option. In this case, you may want to preserve them for longer by using Post Savers.

In our experience, also adding a gravel board at ground level will cut down on your future maintenance costs. It’s far more reasonable in both time and cost to replace a gravel board than to replace the entire fence.

Let’s look at what people like about close board fencing:

  1. ·         It’s the perfect fence when you have sloping ground. This is because the rails and the gravel boards can be aligned with the angle and then the close board can follow suit.
  2. ·         Easy to repair, if you should notice signs of aging, it won’t be very expensive to whip those boards out and put in new ones.
  3. ·         The type of wood used in this fence is pressure tested. This gives it a longevity that you may not get with other types of fencing.
  4. ·         If put up in the correct manner, it’s likely to last a long time and be very strong.
  5. ·         It’s possible to acquire close board in either brown or green. This makes it more adaptable for most boundary situations.
  6. ·         Fortunately close board can be installed to create a fence of practically any height.
  7. ·         It’s the ideal fencing both either the front or back garden in domestic situations, but is also popular for commercial use.

Closeboard is a favourite amongst fencing contractors and home owners alike, and it’s not a surprise. You can find it at most good fencing suppliers.

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