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Garden Fencing: Which One is For You?

Posted By  Postsaver Team  On December 1, 2014

Garden Fencing: Which One is For You?

Most back garden fences in the UK are either close board or lap panel. They both have their merits and have proved to be popular throughout the country. With close board, you can enjoy knowing that you have a classic style. It looks good, and it’s also very strong. Lap panel is the option for those on a budget or those who want a more natural look that will blend well with its surroundings.

Close board is built from vertical boards. They are very close together and are usually supported by horizontal rails. This type of fence is ideal for most situations, and it provides a high level of privacy and potentially security. 

Another benefit of using the close board is that it’s really quite strong. If the boundary of your garden is at an exposed angle, then you may well want to consider this type of fencing. It’s capable of withstanding quite a battering from prevailing winds.

In contrast, lap panel fencing is not quite as strong, but this can be beneficial as it’s lighter and easier to install. It also has a lower cost price. With a softer presentation, it will still provide the same level of privacy for the family. If you don’t get a lot of wind in your garden, this could be your most favoured option. 

What type of fencing should I choose for the front garden? 

The biggest decision factors with the back garden are most often around a mix of security and privacy. In contrast, the front garden fence is likely to be chosen for a mix of security and kerb appeal. A lot of homeowners will make their front fencing decision based on which type complements their home from the street!

Some opt for steel fencing rather than wooden fencing. It will always look elegant and give any house an air of sophistication. Another popular choice that lends a very welcoming atmosphere is the picket fence. Charming, quaint and also incredibly cost-effective, this type of fence can give a look from the English countryside to the New England style.

Whatever type of fencing you select to give you privacy and security, be sure to extend the lifespan of your fence by using Postsaver Pro-Sleeves.

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